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Services for Employers



If your industry is seeking workers for a project, or is aware of upcoming labour shortages, contact Safe Haven Hub to forward plan recruitment and training. We can utilise existing funding or seek options to support your industry and businesses.


We look forward to collaborating with industry for the benefit of the Tasmanian economy and engaging our clients in work that directly benefits them and the community.




If your business can offer a job, work experience or professional mentoring to a multicultural job seeker, we can work with you to:

·         Find a person with the skills you need

·         Assist with pre-screening and short listing

·         Identify and access training opportunities for the employee

·         Provide ongoing support after placement

·         Provide cultural support and other services for you and your new employee

By offering a former refugee, migrant or someone seeking asylum a job to match their skill set and experience, or an opportunity that further develops their skills, you are helping them become a confident, independent member of the community

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