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Safe Haven Hub Services

Transitional Support for Safe Haven Enterprise Visa holders


Moving to a new State provides opportunities and challenges - our Safe Haven Hub staff can assist in this transition by providing support, referrals and local orientation to assist our clients to find their way in the Tasmanian community.


Education, Training and Employment Preparation

​At Safe Haven Hub we work with all of our clients to identify career goals, with a particular focus on participation in study and employment opportunities. 


We collaborate with community partners to provide pre-employment training, and support our client base to access nationally recognised training and other suitable courses.


Where possible, we may also be able to provide work experience, or facilitate volunteering opportunities.


Qualifications Recognition

We provide assistance to determine the most appropriate qualifications recognition process, and provide assistance to navigate complex processes

Supporting Employment in Tasmania

We support clients to find and access employment most suitable to their individual circumstances and skills.  This includes assisting with job application processes.


We work with employers and industry to find appropriate opportunities for Hub clients to secure work, and link eligible clients to other networks such as Job Active providers .  We also develop linkages with Skills Funded organisations to provide opportunities for clients to gain specific industry skills.


We provide support to businesses and clients both before and after placement to ensure the best outcomes for all.


We support the growth of the Tasmanian economy by linking clients to potential employment in a variety of industries, including the following:

  • Hospitality industry: kitchen hand, waiting and housekeeping work

  • Agriculture industry: picking, harvesting, machinery operation and general farm hand

  • Aged care industry: caring, community work, office work and hotel services jobs

  • Disability sector: physical assistance, social engagement and community support

  • Fishing industry: factory work, processing and on board employment

  • Construction and Qualified Trades

  • Engineering Industry

  • IT Sector

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